Small town to Emmy award Winner!!!

I interviewed Daytime Emmy Winner Terrence Terrell and found out 5 key steps that made him a success in Hollywood coming from Mississippi.


5 Key steps on reaching that Hollywood Dream

"Making it" in LA is relative. Some of us want to be on billboards and bright lights, some want to escape the restraints of small town/middle America and some of us want to leave a legacy. In this Episode of "Becoming an Actor", I took these 5 steps away from actor Terrence Terrell on how he achieved his success.

1) Use negative vibe to help you

In our podcast episode, Terrance told a story of a school teacher in his past telling him he should do nothing more than "fry chicken" for the rest of his life. After graduating college and getting his masters she was the first to get an invite.

2) You will fail

Moving to a big city and going after a big dream or goal will leave you in situations where you have no experience in. Doing taxes, paying bills, over budgeting on rent and bills, spending money on the wrong headshots could and would leave you broke and evicted. According to Terrance a couple of these hard lessons he learned - so did I. The most important thing is to find someone there who knows more than you and has been there longer and learn from them. Ask a ton of questions.

3) Always show up

On those days that you don't feel like going to that audition in traffic on a Friday evening in the valley at 5pm on a rainy day - please show up. Terrance booked a Progressive Insurance commercial (which you could see him on today), on one of those days. He talks about it on the podcast. It was one of those long days, and sure enough he booked it. There are so many times I feel to call out of those auditions when I have them, but if you never show up you don't have a chance. How could you want a prize if you don't play. In the "W9" and self-employed life we have so many situations where we have that tough decision to make, and I think we must remind ourselves the reason why we started.

4) Keep moving

Most times when you are on the path or journey to success your park brakes may seem to be pulled up. You may feel stuck and waiting to lock in an agent to send you on auditions or be stuck on production of that product you are trying to start, key thing according to Terrence is to keep moving. If you're an actor and keep you are not auditioning or "doing much," get in class and keep ready for when your time comes. Same as in starting your own business - the marketing phase may be under control but legal taking some time - work on your production chain to ensure when the engine is on the car is running well.

5) Remember your why

On times when money is low, credit cards are maxed out, rent is late, you didn't have an audition in 6 months, just got fired, whatever the situation - remember your why. Your why will carry you through the tough times. Terrance's why include is mission of making his forefathers proud. So many people sacrificed for him to have the opportunities which he currently has, so he will work hard to show that it wasn't in vain.

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