From Event Planner to Movie Director - Marti Hines

Becoming a Movie Director WITHOUT going to Film School

5 tips I learned - from the PODCAST

Director/Producer Marti Hines premiered the BET movie Paper Friends at the Archlight in Hollywood.

1) "Everything Is Figureoutable -Marie Forleo"

In my podcast interview with Marti, she made it clear that she had no sort of formal film school training and that everything she learned was on the fly . Most times in life we feel we need to know every aspect of a mission or goal we set out to do and that every step we take in the dark must be a secure step. Wrong!!! Marti's process involves her surrounding herself with professionals who knew all the terminology in film, which lens is which - but to her, the most important thing was knowing what you want and getting it completed. That each shot and they way she wanted it shot had to be done.

2) Tap into your Skills

Marti transferred her skills in event planning and performing in high stress situations to making movies. In situations where budgets are tight on set, it's about to go over wrap time for the day a veteran event planner would be able to keep her cool and run a steady ship on set. It is important to evaluate what skill sets you have and the value you could bring to a new industry or field you are trying to get in.

3) Don't be afraid to fail.

With every guest and every interview I do this tip seems to be the recurring. See quote photo below, it sums up Marti's view on failure.

4) Inserting Investors

Hate when people say "use your network to find investors"? go to google and type in "Angel Investors happy hour" or "Angel Investor events" to go meet funders. If you have a good project don't be afraid to attend an Angel Investor event to pitch. "When one comes in, they bring their friends" Marti Hines.

5) Shoe String Budget?

Marti's first feature film - which could be found on Amazon, was shot in Berlin on tripods and go pros, with a no name cast and no permits. I was surprised to learn how lenient filming permits are abroad and that if you don't have a big budget you could shoot amazing scenes in Europe on the streets for free. That was a bonus tip.

This interview has so many gems and if you are interested in going after a big dream or goal in 2020 - this could get you off the couch and onto starting your dreams.

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