Why 1000 Failures?

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Darrius Marcellin 


From the early days of 8 years old, growing up in the tiny Caribbean island of Trinidad, I knew I would be on a stage showing the world my talents and inspiring. I moved to America as a teenager and started by cleaning homes and in a few years I had an events company where I employed 40 people and eventually opened a restaurant. 

Fast Forward to 2017, I double downed on my acting career and moved to Hollywood for a pilot series and to pursue my inner dream. Through fear and the thought of failure I took my savings and moved to LA. Well, the rest is history in the making. I am on this journey but those who are looking to go after a dream, get started on that inner desire and life fulfillment - I could relate and I could help you get started. 

I realized that failure isn't something to avoid or to be afraid of, but rather something to embrace as a step along the journey to success. Every failure has pushed me forward, and I am here to help every person go after their goals. 

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